Table Of Contents

    * [What is Automapper?](# Automapper)
    * [New features](# Features)
    * [Installation](# Installation)
    * [How to Use Automapper?](# AutomapperApplication) 

What is Automapper?

AutoMapper is an object-object mapper. Object-object mapping works by transforming an input object of one type into an output object of a different type. What makes AutoMapper interesting is that it provides some interesting conventions to take the dirty work out of figuring out how to map type A to type B. As long as type B follows AutoMapper’s established convention, almost zero configuration is needed to map two types.

New features

    * Remove static API

the way to do it now is:

    * Remove dynamic maps

the way to do it now is:

    * Update Conditional Mapping  
    * Help the runtime find the AM assembly
    * Match destination enumerable types with it's enumerable for LINQ


The first step is to install the corresponding NuGet package:

dotnet add package AutoMapper --version 9.0.0   

Now, what is the way to Use Automapper?

You can clone my code!

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